Pull Your Own Weight Foundation

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Functional Childhood Obesity Prevention for Parents and Educators:
A Simple, "Systematic Strategy" that Actually Works!!

In the midst of a culture that actively confuses the issues, The PULL YOUR OWN WEIGHT FOUNDATION is dedicated to helping kids distinguish between STRONG and WEAK CHOICES. (To see a short video click the LOGO.)

In the process, kids learn (among many other things) to NATURALLY ARM THEMSELVES AGAINST OBESITY FOR LIFE by virtue of  choosing strength over weakness and winning over losing.

“The real measure of a person’s strength is found in their ability to inspire others to become strong. If you inspire many others to become strong, your strength is almost limitless. But if you inspire only yourself to become strong, your strength is severely limited.”  …Lao Tsu

"A nation is only as strong as its citizens." John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy comments (5 minute clip)...