Pull Your Own Weight Foundation

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We're a 501C3/Not-For Profit That Helps Kids arm themselves against Obesity for Life!

A. STATISTICS CONFIRM that kids (actually human beings of any age) who can do AT LEAST one conventional pull-up are almost never obese!

B. Jack can do 3 pull ups. Jill can do 4.  So odds are NEITHER Jack or Jill are obese!

C. When started young, and if given access to the right experiences, MOST KIDS CAN LEARN TO DO PULL UPS with very little time or effort. And they enjoy the process.

D. THEREFORE, IN LESS THAN TWO MINUTES PER WEEK, most kids can SYSTEMATICALLY PREVENT THEMSELVES FROM BECOMING OBESE by learning and maintaining (which requires decent eating and exercise habits) the ability to do at least one pull up.


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